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Begin assessment

  1. 1. Process
  2. 2. How many
  3. 3. Chemical name
  4. 4. Chemical and process information
  5. 5. Summary
  6. 6. Advice
Process and tasks

Please complete the following 2 sections:

You may find it helpful for your records to enter process name You are asked to enter a process name that means something to you eg Making glue. This is purely for your records to remind you which process you have assessed. This box can be left blank. here. This can be a simple description of the job you are doing, eg car spraying or anything that means something to you. You may leave this blank.

Please choose a task from this list by clicking its button.

If none of these tasks apply, COSHH e-tool will still give you general advice to help protect people from the ill effects of substances.

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Updated: 2015-05-19